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Rolls Royce Dawn 03.jpg

Our Rolls-Royce Dawn

A Rolls-Royce like no other, awaken your senses while experiencing open top driving like no other car in the automotive world. Infusing the youthful energy and spirit, balancing uncompromised luxury and exhilarating performance. ​


With a single touch, the Dawn silently opens up the conservative hood, exposing you to a world with endless skies, taking you on a new adventure like no other. Whether it is alone or with a group of friends, the Dawn is an experience to be shared. Feel every moment in an experience you will never forget.

Dawn Rates:

Airport Arrivals: S$1,480.00

Airport Departures: S$1,380.00

Point to Point Transfer: S$1,280.00

Tuas Transfer: S$1,580.00

Disposals (Minimum 2 Hours): S$1,380.00 /Per Hour


Additional Waiting Time: S$500.00 *Per 30 Minutes

Extra Stop: S$500.00

Midnight Surcharge*: S$250.00 / Way (Hour)

*Applicable from 2300hrs to 0700hrs

Rolls Royce Dawn.jpg
Dawn Specifications:

Seating Capacity: 3 Passengers + 1 Chauffeur

Boot Capacity: 244 litres

Exterior Colour: English White

Hood Colour: Beige

Interior Colour: Seashell

Veneer: Paldao

Dawn Technical Data:


Engine/Cylinders/Valves: V/12/48

Maximum Torque: 820Nm

Power Output:​ 563 bhp


Top Speed: 250 km/h (Governed)

Acceleration: 5.0 Seconds

(0-  100 km/h)


Length: 5,285 mm

Width:  1,947 mm

Height: 1,502 mm


Unladen Weight: 2,560 kg

Rolls Royce Dawn 02.jpg
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