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Our Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II EWB

Astonishing balance of refinement and dynamic ability, the Rolls-Royce Ghost will effortlessly get you from point to point in a whisper quiet ride Rolls-Royce is famous for, gracefully gliding across the streets of Singapore and coming gently to a stop at your destination, safe and sound.

An escape from the outside world, with a press of a button closing the rear coach doors, enjoy the comfort of the informal lounge seating, featuring a slight curve allowing you to turn to the person beside you, adding a touch of intimacy. Arrive refreshed and relaxed at your destination, in style and in comfort. 

Ghost Series II EWB Rates:

Airport Arrivals: S$1,100.00

Airport Departures: S$1,000.00

Point to Point Transfers: S$1,000.00 /Per Trip

Disposals (Minimum 2 Hours): S$1,000.00 /Per Hour


Additional Waiting Time: S$500.00 *Per 30 Minutes

Extra Stop: S$500.00

Midnight Surcharge: 10% On Rate

Ghost EWB.png
Ghost EWB Interior.png
Ghost Series II EWB Specifications:

Seating Capacity: 4 Passengers + 1 Chauffeur

Boot Capacity: 490 litres

Exterior Colour: Diamond Black with Silver Satin Bonnet

Interior Colour: Seashell

Veneer: Walnut Burr

Ghost Series II EWB Technical Data:


Engine/Cylinders/Valves: V/12/48

Maximum Torque: 820Nm

Power Output:​ 563 bhp


Top Speed: 250 km/h (Governed)

Acceleration: 5.0 Seconds

(0-  100 km/h)


Length: 5,569 mm

Width:  1,948 mm

Height: 1,550 mm


Unladen Weight: 2,495 kg

Ghost 3.jpg
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